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Taking fashion to the world from Tauranga

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Wendy Simister_ Wendy's Boutique owner Wendy Simister_ Wendy's Boutique owner

One of the main aims of Powering ON is to enable the Bay’s local businesses to really embrace digital technology. We’re passionate about seeing businesses succeed in the digital space and will do everything we can to help them do so. We recently heard Wendy Simister, owner of Wendy’s Boutique, speak about their digital journey and thought we’d ask her to share it with you, too.

Wendy’s Boutique is a high-end women’s fashion store based on 11th Ave. Born from its owner’s love of fashion 33 years ago, it has been operating online for some time now.

“We launched our Wendy’s online store approximately eight years ago, as we realised an opportunity to capture a market outside of our local Bay of Plenty area, as well as outside of New Zealand.”

Wendy attributes her retail success to her huge desire to make sure customers feel comfortable and inspired; characteristics shared by her entire team.

“It’s important that people enjoy the environment we’ve created for them and that they feel appreciated and not rushed every time they walk in the door.”

So how did they emulate that unique point of difference in an online environment?

“Before we launched we did lots of research both in New Zealand and internationally to see which websites were ‘user’ friendly, easy to navigate and easy to purchase products,” Wendy says.

“We initially engaged a developer to create our online store, but we then discovered Shopify, which integrated with our point of sale computer system. Shopify is relatively easy to use and can be changed easily which is essential in the fashion industry.”

Their webstore is updated with new products daily “to keep it exciting and keep customers returning to see what’s new”.

“We are always analysing ways to improve our webstore and, as many of us now shop online for various products, we are always exposed to new ideas,” Wendy says.

“Our online store is growing from strength to strength and our business is constantly changing to accommodate this growth. We have recently engaged a company to analyse our website and increase our SEO and Google rankings. We have also started Google Shopping and, of course, we are constantly aiming to grow our Facebook and Instagram followers.”

So what’s next for Wendy, her team and their online store? “Our main goal for the future is to further grow our online store in Australia.”

If you’d like to follow in Wendy’s footsteps and explore the endless possibilities of digital technology for your business, whether it’s in retail or something else entirely, click here to take Powering ON’s free digital assessment.

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