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Arron Edwards from Bravesight. Arron Edwards from Bravesight. Photo/supplied

Businesses across the region know that agility and a digital mindset are essential, as is the ability to connect with your customers and get your message right. But how do you do that? We’ve recently added a new sales and marketing expert to our Office Hours calendar - Arron Edwards from Bravesight. Read on to find out about Arron’s background and how he can help your business.

Why did you get involved with Office Hours?

I saw this as a great opportunity for both growing our brand locally (after re-branding from Totali about 12 months ago) and I wanted to contribute more to the community. I found the approach of the Venture Centre team working on PoweringON resonated with ours – we cannot just survive in our own circle, we need to expand our reach and collaborate with others a lot more.

What is your background/area of expertise?
I have owned Bravesight for 11 years, purchased a couple of businesses, one failed and the other we have been running for five years. Prior to owning my own business I worked for a software company that experienced tremendous growth (about 400 per cent) in the time I was there. At that company, I took my previous experience of systemisation from McDonalds and applied this to help keep workload manageable - I was the only person in the office for most of the time I was with the company. When I finished, I continued to contract and two more people were hired to slot into the role I had left. The company continued to grow at a very similar pace over the coming few years. My time at McDonalds taught me people management, stock control and a load of other skills that have been invaluable to the work we do with our clients.

Who is Office Hours: Sales & Marketing for?
Any business that is stuck on getting their message right for the right customer, struggling to make sales or wanting to maximise margins. This is all the kind of work we help our clients with. There are not many problems we haven't uncovered in our businesses or our client's businesses.

What should those people do after their sessions with you? Are there any specific workshops they should request, who to connect with, where to invest?
We are always keen to reconnect with people we have seen.
The best piece of advice is, in the hour immediately following our session work out what the #1 action is that you'll take in the next 14 days as a result of our conversation and do it. Most businesses seek advice and never act on it. Taking action is the only way to grow in business - even if taking that action is hard.
In the past, we've advised businesses they should shut the doors (usually the biggest decision in business they'll make, and generally put it off) – they were brave, and knew why we recommended that action. That client is also one of our biggest advocates as it helped free up time and money they were otherwise throwing away in vain.

Any other advice you might have for anyone considering booking in for your sessions?
Come prepared, please. I can do my best when I know what you want to get out of the session. If I can review the notes Venture Centre organises with you prior to meeting it really helps paint a picture, and knowing the #1 thing you want from the session allows me to focus quickly. Those 45 minutes disappear in a flash – it's not a lot of time.

- Arron is holding a session on Thursday this week around how to identify your ideal customer and connect with them. Click here to book your place.

- Or click here to book your Office Hours: Sales & Marketing session with Arron now.

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PoweringON is a Business Owner focused initiative delivered by Venture Centre with the support of PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council. This programme contributes to Venture Centre commitment to be part of growing a prosperous region where everyone can access, participate in and benefit from digital technologies and entrepreneurship.


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