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GrowPlenty; What's our future?

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Forget the fruits of your labour; what about using technology instead?

Fruit picking and packing; hardwork, hot, and comes with a hefty price. Can New Zealand meet the demand for trade? Do we have the population we need to cover the intensive labour that is required for fruit picking and packaging?

Frankly, no. But luckily RoboticsPlus is one business that has identified the problem and come up with a solution. Their robots eliminates the time and need for large numbers of workers. An example of this is the Robotic Apple Packing Cell which packages 120 apples per minute. They have even gone so far as to ensure their apple packaging machinery handles the apples so that the stems are all lying horizontal in the trays, all in the same directions, and all while having the colour side up the apple facing up for what they call “optimum presentation”!

Technology advancement, such as this, has and will continue to solve real world problems. Sometimes this may be a little daunting and a little scary… 

… This is where GrowPlenty comes in: an opportunity to learn more, discuss together and take charge of what our future will look like.

GrowPlenty, a Venture Centre’s Techweek event, delivers two days of hands-on future-focused ideation challenges for those who want to create the world they want to live in.
It is an ‘ecosystem-in-action’ event with examples of some of the leading-edge technologies shaping our world and some great scenarios to look into the future

Participants will connect with experts who are already working on new technologies, see some of these demonstrated first-hand and come up with new ideas together assisted by facilitators.

The finalé of each day, the showcase element, will demonstrate some of the ideas and possibilities generated by participants. 

Come join us to explore what the future will look like so we can together, GrowPlenty.

For more details and to book your tickets; see here

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