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Get further faster with a Digital Navigator

Written by VCTeam
Craig PoweringON Digital Navigator Craig PoweringON Digital Navigator

"The future of business is digital, is yours?  I love this catch phrase.  Your business exists in an ever-changing technological landscape—but do you know how to leverage it?  

There are so many opportunities to address using current technologies. Sometimes all it takes to make the most of them is helping people connect the dots… to a new tool or way of working. That’s what attracted me to the PoweringON programme.  

What is the PoweringON programme? It provides small business owners with a pathway to find the information, digital tools and access the talent and resources they need to grow. All available right here in Tauranga. There is something for everyone, no matter what age or stage of development the business is at. PoweringON is supported by Digital Navigators, like myself, and the service providers that run workshops, mostly held at Basestation, on Durham Street.

What’s a Digital Navigator? I asked the same question before signing up to be one.  The Digital Navigator is someone who will support you to leverage a totally customised action plan. You can get one, free of charge, by completing the digital assessment. Then they help you identify your key priorities, leverage opportunities and connect you with the right service providers locally to help a business use tech to grow.  That last bit is the part I really enjoy.  

The Digital Navigators hold to account, help unblock any barriers that jump up in progressing down the path to full digital capability.

Is it really worth filling in another on-line survey?  In short, yes.  I think it is great that Venture Centre have partnered with Tauranga City Council and PriorityOne to make this happen for free.  Had I not mentioned that?  It’s all FREE (for Tauranga/Western Bay businesses) – the digital assessment and action plan, the Digital Navigator and action plan workshops.  So much value, so very worth it.  

So how do you get started?  

Head over to the PoweringON website to find out or click here to jump straight to the assessment.
Look forward to working with you and the team to make sure our regional businesses are set up for the future and not only remain competitive, but grow.

Look forward to meeting you at one of my clinics!"

Craig Williams
Digital Navigator

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PoweringON is a Business Owner focused initiative delivered by Venture Centre with the support of PriorityOne and Tauranga City Council. This programme contributes to Venture Centre commitment to be part of growing a prosperous region where everyone can access, participate in and benefit from digital technologies and entrepreneurship.


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