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Journey with digital leads to gems and gold nuggets

Written by VC Team

Surrounded by diamonds, precious stones and intricate pieces, the PoweringON team had the pleasure to meet Alexandra, the manager of Hammon Diamond Jeweller at their well-established store in Tauranga CBD, having celebrated 30 years of trading in Grey Street. 

Alexandra is keeping the trusted brand, quality wares and personal touch high. Once we could peel our eyes off the fine displays, we set out to chat about how digital has become a part of her business.

With such beautiful content at her fingertips, Alexandra saw a need to start using social media with a specific goal: to reach out for a new client base and a different generation of people.

This journey started by first overcoming a personal preference: Alexandra had not been using either Facebook or Instagram for herself. “It did make it harder to get into the social media buzz,” she says “but since I have created a business page on both Instagram and Facebook for Hammon, I can see the results.”

People started commenting both online and in real life on her posts and making enquiries about products that had so far got less attention.

“I get that people love stories, not just a photo of something that is very obviously marketed” she adds, “ sharing the personal stories, the custom work, a milestone in our business or discovery on a buying trip creates real engagement on our social platforms.”

As people can jump online and see what they like and want, “customers can come to us with their wishes that we will try to fulfil.”

“The challenge is keeping up” she laughs “everything is moving fast! What about Tik Tok? Even if it doesn’t interest you at first it is worth trying to understand it to be ready for when it becomes something relevant to your business.”

At this stage, all the social media efforts are to give potential clients a taste of what they can expect when they walk through the door. They really have to come to the store to experience the full package of what is on offer. “We want our social media to reflect the lovely atmosphere and good vibe whether they come in to change a battery or buy a massive diamond ring” she laughs. After all, Valentine Day is looming as we make this interview! 

Targeting messages to different types of customers is work in progress and is something she wants to get expert services for. It is difficult to execute herself because of the array of services and products they deliver.  As highlighted in her personalised action plan she is planning to place focus on strategic digital marketing to achieve this. 

While targeted new customers is always work in progress, Alexandra knows Google Adwords and reviews have been working well for her business to be found. She got into this as she looks at google reviews herself to know where to go and realised the importance of the exposure and search results as well as the increase of importance of google reviews.

It has meant for Alexandra to also let go of her need for total perfection, as she knows people engage with real, raw and natural content and her control over what gets published, as she is to create a marketing plan with her newest employee. “This will free much of my time that I can now re-focus on everyday operations.” The process of recruiting itself has changed and the position has been advertised online. It first didn’t yield the talent Alexandra was after, so she re-advertised adding this time an online questionnaire with specifics she wanted to be answered and got way better results. “I look forward to meeting with the shortlisted candidates, we will give them all a day in our shop to experience our work and see how we all get on together’.

As our interview with Alexandra comes to an end, and our eyes start to wander back to the shiny displays, we ask her if she has a couple of tips to share with others in retail wanting to leverage social media. Here is what she finishes with:

“Remain open and keep an open mind, and be prepared to listen to different ways of thinking towards your own business.”

“Talk to people, talk to other retailers about what they do, sometimes that golden nugget that makes a change is just round the corner of a conversation”

The PoweringOn team likes to thank Alexandra for the insights in her business and for welcoming us in her shop.


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The Digital Assessment gave Alexandra an overview and personalised action plan of what to work on to continue on Hammon Diamond Jeweller’s digital journey. 

Give it a go yourself here:

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